Best Women’s Snow Hiking Boots

Best Women's Snow Hiking Boots

If you’re looking for a reliable pair of women’s snow hiking boots, it’s essential that you consider your individual needs. Snowy conditions require special footwear with plenty of insulation and waterproofing. It’s important to find the right balance between warmth, comfort, and performance when selecting your boots. Fortunately, there are many great options on the market today.

When shopping for winter hiking boots, keep an eye out for features such as insulated liners, gusseted tongues or collars, and durable rubber soles. Insulated liners help to keep feet warm in cold temperatures by trapping heat inside the boot. Gusseted tongues or collars offer protection from both water and debris entering through the lacing system. Rubber soles are ideal for wet and slippery surfaces, providing superior traction and grip.

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall Women’s Winter Boots:
    Salomon Women’s Toundra Pro CSWP Boot
  • Best Budget Women’s Winter Boots:
    Merrell Thermo Chill Mid Waterproof Boots
  • Best Women’s Winter Hiking Boot:
    Oboz Bridger 7″ Insulated Winter Boots
  • Most Stylish Women’s Winter Boots:
    Columbia Heavenly Omni-Heat Waterproof Boot
  • Runner-Up Best Women’s Winter Boot:
    KEEN Revel IV Winter Hiking Boot
  • Best Women’s Boots for Heavy Snow:
    Baffin Icefield Insulated Boot
  • Best Women’s Winter Rain Boots:
    Hunter Original Wellington Rain Boots
  • Best traction:
    Salomon X Ultra 4

Best Overall Women’s Winter hiking Boots

1. Salomon Women’s Toundra Pro CSWP Boot

Salomon Women's Toundra Pro CSWP Boot: Best Women's Snow Hiking Boots
Salomon Women’s Toundra Pro CSWP Boot

The Salomon Women’s Toundra Pro CSWP Boot truly stands out from the rest, as it strikes the perfect balance between form and function. The boots boast a distinctive, combat-style design with a faux-fur lining, which adds a touch of style to your winter hiking gear.

But don’t let the stylish appearance fool you. These boots are designed to perform in the harshest conditions, with a temperature rating of -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The exceptional warmth is made possible through the use of Salomon’s Aerotherm Aerogel, a technology that was originally developed by NASA. This means that even in the coldest environments, your feet will stay warm and dry.

The boots also feature excellent traction, durable waterproofing, and shock-reducing EVA foam in the sole, which combine to provide optimal performance on the trails. The high shaft of the boots offers additional protection from deep snow.

At a price point of $200, these boots offer excellent value for their performance and features. They are available in sizes 5 to 10, weigh 2.89 pounds per pair, and have a temperature rating of -40 degrees Fahrenheit, making them a top choice for winter hiking.

  • Sizes: 5–10
  • Weight per pair: 2.89 pounds
  • Insulation weight: Not listed
  • Temperature rating: -40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Waterproof: Yes

Best Budget Women’s Winter hiking Boots

2. Merrell Thermo Chill Mid Waterproof Boot

Merrell Thermo Chill Mid Waterproof Boot: Best Women's Snow Hiking Boots
Merrell Women’s Thermo Chill Mid Waterproof Boot

Stay cozy and stylish on your winter hikes with the Merrell Thermo Chill – the ultimate budget-friendly women’s winter boot. With its price tag of only $120, this boot packs in all the necessary winter features without breaking the bank.

Featuring 200g of M-Select insulation, you can say goodbye to bulky and heavy winter boots and hello to warm and comfortable hikes. The insulation is designed to keep you warm even on the chilliest days, without sacrificing mobility. And, if you want even more comfort, the contoured insoles can be removed and replaced with your preferred insoles.

The Thermo Chill boasts a medium-range arch molded nylon shank, ensuring comfort and support with every step. Plus, the toe cap provides protection against rocks and other hazards on the trail. With its excellent balance of bulk, weight, and warmth, these boots are the perfect choice for budget-conscious women who want the best winter boots for the price.

  • Weight: 1 lb. 14 oz.
  • Insulation: yes, 200g synthetic
  • Waterproofing: yes
  • Outsole: rubber, 5mm lugs
  • Boot Height: 6″

Best Women’s Winter Hiking Boot

3. Oboz Bridger 7″ Insulated Winter Boot

Oboz Bridger 7″ Insulated Winter Boot
Oboz Women’s Bridger 7″ Insulated Winter Boot

Say goodbye to cold, wet feet this winter with the Oboz Bridger 7″ Insulated Winter Boots, the Best Overall Women’s Winter Boots. Designed to keep you warm and dry in any winter activity, from shoveling the driveway to long hikes, these boots ($200) are a true winter essential.

Featuring a robust 200g of insulation, the Oboz Bridger 7″ Boots are the perfect combination of warmth and durability. The wool-topped insoles offer added insulation for your feet, ensuring that even on the coldest days, your feet stay warm and toasty.

Waterproof leather construction, paired with specialized winterized rubber soles infused with silica, makes these boots a top choice for winter activities. The directional lugs provide excellent traction, ensuring that you’ll never slip on those slick roads and frozen trails. At 7 inches tall, these boots offer ample ankle support, while still allowing full range of motion.

For even more warmth, check out the Oboz Bridger 9-inch Insulated Boot, offering an extra 200g of insulation ($195). The Oboz Bridger 7″ Insulated Winter Boots are the perfect choice for those who value warmth, traction, durability, and comfort in a winter boot. These are, without a doubt, some of the best winter boots available on the market.


  • Weight: 2 lbs. 9 oz. per pair
  • Insulation: yes, 200g
  • Waterproofing: Oboz B-Dry membrane
  • Outsole: winterized rubber
  • Boot Height: 7″

Most Stylish Women’s Winter Hiking Boots

4. Columbia Heavenly Omni-Heat Waterproof Boot

Columbia Heavenly Omni-Heat Waterproof Boot
Columbia Heavenly Omni-Heat Waterproof Boot

The Columbia Omni-Heat Waterproof Women’s Boot ($140) is a versatile and stylish winter boot that can withstand different weather conditions in and around town, as well as light trails. It features a thermal-reflective lining and 200g synthetic insulation, providing warmth and comfort that can last for several seasons.

In terms of design, the boot has a waterproof/breathable seam-sealed membrane and a waterproof textile upper with faux fur trim, which offers sufficient waterproof protection for daily use and snow-filled activities such as walking at a ski resort. Despite its comfortable fit and easy-to-use metal lace hardware, these boots are not recommended for individuals with wider feet. Consider other brands such as Baffin or Merrell, which offer boots in wider sizes. Additionally, the traction may not be enough on extremely icy or wet surfaces, making it unsuitable for serious winter hiking.


  • Weight: 13.8 oz. per shoe (size 7.5)
  • Insulation: yes, 200g
  • Waterproofing: yes
  • Outsole: non-marking rubber
  • Boot Height: 8.5″

Runner-Up Best Women’s Winter Boot

5. KEEN Revel IV Winter Hiking Boot

KEEN Revel IV Winter Hiking Boot
KEEN Women’s Revel IV Winter Hiking Boot

The KEEN Revel IV Winter Hiking Boot ($189) is the perfect choice for women with wider feet. KEEN is known for its roomier toebox and these boots are no exception. The boots are waterproof, keeping feet dry in any weather, and are well insulated, keeping feet warm even in temperatures as low as 7 degrees F. The tread is not too aggressive, making these boots suitable for walking the dog or running errands. They also have a metal gaiter loop and a rubber heel that integrate well with snowshoes, and a rubber toe bumper for protection and durability.


  • Weight: 2 lbs. 4 oz. per pair
  • Insulation: KEEN.WARM PET fibers, rated to -25 F
  • Waterproofing: KEEN.Dry membrane
  • Outsole: KEEN Polar Traction rubber
  • Boot Height: 6″

Best Women’s Boots for Heavy Snow

6. Baffin Icefield Insulated Boot

The Baffin Icefield Insulated Boot is a pricey but reliable option for extreme winter conditions. With a comfort rating of -148°F, these boots are part of Baffin’s Arctic line and are designed for the harshest weather.

Totally waterproof and featuring a seven-layer inner boot system, these snow boots ($220) will keep your feet warm and dry on your next winter adventure. The cinchable top keeps snow out, and the boots provide excellent traction in slippery conditions. They may be heavy and bulky, but they are definitely warm. If you struggle with cold feet, these boots could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Note: they run small, so it’s recommended to size up.


  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Insulation: yes, B-Tek Heat hollow-fiber synthetic insulation
  • Waterproofing: yes, B-Tek  waterproofing
  • Outsole: Polar rubber outsole
  • Boot Height: 7″

Best Women’s Winter Rain Boots

7. Hunter Original Wellington Rain Boot

Hunter Wellington Rain Boots ($160) have a loyal following thanks to their simple design and waterproof vulcanized rubber. The boots feature an orthopedic last for comfort and a nylon lining that wicks away moisture. They run in full sizes only, so true half-sizers may face difficulty finding the perfect fit.

While they offer good grip in city conditions, they may not be suitable for slippery or icy terrain. They offer 15-inch coverage for rainy or snowy weather but may not fit those with larger athletic calves, due to their snug fit around the circumference.

Best traction

8. Salomon X Ultra 4

These hiking boots have an all-weather rubber outsole designed for safe use in rain, ice, and snow. The Contagrip MA sole provides excellent traction on wet or slippery terrain for better control, especially on descents. Waterproof and reinforced with Gore-tex for breathable dryness, these boots have a narrow fit and may require thin socks for those with wider feet. Consider wide sizing for a better fit.


  • Sizes: 7–13wide and standard
  • Weight per pair: 1 pound
  • Insulation weight: Not listed
  • Temperature rating: Not listed
  • Waterproof: Yes

Best of the rest for Women’s Snow Hiking Boots

9. Oboz Bridger 7″ Insulated Winter Boots

These winter hiking boots ($200) offer warmth, comfort, and protection from harsh weather conditions. They have 200g of insulation and wool-topped insoles for extra warmth. The durable waterproof leather provides great traction on rocky hikes and icy surfaces. The boots have directional lugs and silica-infused rubber soles for improved grip on slippery terrain. The 7-inch height provides ample ankle support without restricting mobility. Although slightly heavier, these boots are worth the extra weight for their protection, traction, and durability. For even more warmth, consider the Oboz Bridger 9-inch Insulated Boot ($195) with 200g extra insulation. These boots are highly recommended for winter activities.


  • Weight: 2 lbs. 9 oz. per pair
  • Insulation: yes, 200g
  • Waterproofing: Oboz B-Dry membrane
  • Outsole: winterized rubber
  • Boot Height: 7″

10. Oboz Women’s Bridger 7″ B-Dry Hiking Boot

These winter hiking boots ($200) offer good traction and support on icy and snowy surfaces. The outsole is designed for grip and the 3M Thinsulate Insulation and mylar thermal insoles keep feet warm. Avoid slips and keep feet comfortable on winter hikes.


  • Sizes: 6–12, wide and standard.
  • Weight per pair: 2.56 pounds.
  • Insulation weight: 200 grams.
  • Temperature rating: Not listed.
  • Waterproof: Yes

11. Xero Shoes Alpine Women’s Snow Hiking Boot

These lightweight, flexible boots have a moon-boot look and feel like slippers. Waterproof with a temperature rating of -25°F, but with a low shaft, water may leak in. They have a unique zero-drop design, where the heel and toe are equal in height, similar to walking barefoot. This may not be for everyone, so proceed with caution.


  • Sizes: 5–12.
  • Weight per pair: 1.85 pounds.
  • Insulation weight: 200 grams.
  • Temperature rating: -25 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Waterproof: Yes

12. UGG Adirondack III

UGG’s Adirondack III boot is a versatile choice for winter weather with premium leather and suede upper, waterproof membrane, and warm wool liner. The boot can be worn with the cuff rolled down for a casual look or fully extended for traditional warmth and functionality. Although temperature rated at -25°F, it has held up well in temperatures as low as 15°F in testing. The recent upgrade has made the sole much grippier, making it a capable all-around boot. While it is pricier, the Adirondack III is a warm and stylish option for both in town and mountain activities.


  • Style: Casual.
  • Warmth: 200g wool insulation.
  • Height: 7 inches.
  • Highlights: Quality materials, adaptable design, all-around performance.
  • Drawback: Costly.

How to choose the best Women’s snow hiking boots for you?

When choosing the best women’s snow hiking boots, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Look for boots that have a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry in wet conditions; waterproofing is essential.
  2. Consider the temperature rating of the boots and choose ones with proper insulation, such as 200g of wool, to keep your feet warm in cold weather.
  3. The outsole of the boots should have good traction on snow and ice to prevent slips and falls.
  4. Decide on the desired height of the shaft to protect your ankles from snow and cold air.
  5. Ensure the boots have a comfortable fit, are flexible, and have enough room for your feet to move for optimum comfort.
  6. Set a budget and choose boots that offer the best combination of features for the price.
  7. Research the brand’s reputation and read reviews from other customers to ensure you are purchasing a high-quality product.

The different types of boots available on the market today

There are three main types of snow hiking boots for women: mountaineering, trail-walking, and backpacking. Mountaineering boots provide the most protection against temperature extremes, snow, and ice. Heavier than regular hiking boots, they’re designed to support your feet on steep slopes and icy surfaces.

What to look for when purchasing a new pair of Women’s snow hiking boots?

Fit is the most important factor when purchasing snow hiking boots. Make sure you try on a variety of boots in a range of sizes and widths to get the right fit. It’s also important to look for boots that have good cushioning, ankle support, and waterproof membranes. Finally, consider buying insulated or thermal.

No matter which boots you choose, make sure to wear them in before heading out on the trail. That way you can get the most out of these great snow hiking boots!

Happy Snow Hiking!

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